Carved Nexus 5 Case: Review

Carved Nexus 5 Case: Review


In the world of cases for your phone many companies try to stand out from the rest. With an abundance of colors, shapes, sizes, and even waterproofing it can be hard to choose. Carved takes phone cases to a new level of style. Carved cases are hand made in the USA, in Elkhart Indiana and come in a wide range of different types of wood.

The Nexus 5 reconstituted ebony is jet black in certain light. A little turn in the light and the wood grain appears. Cases also come in many other wood options and as well as other phone options. The case has a beautiful wood finish and you can tell right away it’s built with quality. No rough edges and a perfect fit for the Nexus 5. You can tell there is a passion put into the product. All wood back with smooth rubber edges makes this case feels very good in the hand. The ebony wood on the back looks great and makes your phone feel more luxurious.


Carved cases start at $29 and go up to $49 depending on what type of wood and design you get. They are available for the Nexus 5 and Galaxy S3, S4, and S5. You can get these American made cases in the U.S.A. with free shipping, however shipping charges apply for outside the U.S. With a multitude of colors and designs carved cases give more than just basic wood to choose from. The cases are durable and perform well when dropped. With expert craftsmanship and a great feel these cases are a must have phone accessory.



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