NFL fans rejoice as NFL Sunday Ticket is available for all

NFL fans rejoice as NFL Sunday Ticket is available for all

As of today, DirecTV has announced that those who wish to subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket package, but do not want or have DirecTV services, will be able to purchase the service outside of the TV package. This is huge news for people who want to be able to view out-of-market games, but don’t want to subscribe to DirecTV services, or don’t have the ability to do so. DirecTV published a press release stating the details of the plans, due to the fact that there are still subscription costs associated with the Sunday Ticket service.



There are three different tiers for the outside subscription, Digital, Console, and Max. The Digital subscription for $199.99, allows you to stream the out-of-market games on your mobile devices, such as tablets, and smartphones. The Console subscription for $239.99, is pretty self explanatory, as it allows you to stream those same games on any of your capable gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Max subscription, for $329.99, allows you to stream your games on any of the mentioned devices, as well as giving you some other perks.

The perks of purchasing the Max subscription, is the ability not only stream the games from any of your devices or consoles, but you also get the Red Zone Channel, and the DirecTV Fantasy Zone. The DirecTV Fantasy Zone gives you live looks at fantasy plays, so that you can keep track of how your fantasy team is doing, while watching your favorite teams play. All three packages, give you the ability to not only stream the games in various ways, but also, you will be able to track your favorite players, as well as, get real-time stats and scores from other games.

This is huge for football fans every where, and while the application is not ready to support the new plans yet, the streaming ability of the app takes effect on September 7th. It’s still not known whether the app will support Chromecast streaming, but there is still some time left between now and the beginning of the NFL weekend, so things can definitely be tweaked between now and then.

If you’re a student, and you want to watch your home-town team, you are eligible for a student discount on the Digital tier. While it’s not certain why the student discount isn’t applicable across the board, it’s still nice to see that DirecTV is looking out for students who want to stream their favorite teams on their laptops or mobile devices.

Source: DirecTV

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    Can more than one person use it at once? Like 2 devices.

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