Google Maps version 8.2 is out, download and install it now [APK]

Google Maps version 8.2 is out, download and install it now [APK]

I bet over 90% of Android device owners out there use Google Maps, not only because it’s the default maps application that comes with Android but because it’s the best service out there, by far. Google Maps in version 8.2 is now available and it brings a handful of features/changes along with it. Let’s see what we get.

These are the changes we’ve noticed thus far:

  • Voice control in navigation mode
  • Elevation change for bicyclists
  • Voice input is now available on the main screen
  • “Your places” is now located in the slide-out menu

google maps 8.2_1

Voice controls while in navigation mode are definitely the biggest addition to Google Maps. While navigating you’ll be able to call up voice interface by tapping the small microphone icon in the bottom left part of the screen. You can ask the phone “When will I get there” if you want to get to your destination for example, or “Where is my next turn” which is also self-explanatory. There are quite some voice actions you can take when the phone is listening. What you’re all wondering is if you can use that sweet “OK, Google” phrase in order to call it up, the answer is no, at least for now.

google maps 8.2_2

The update is rather big in terms of features and changes, you can try all of them by download the .apk and installing it on your device. If you want to do that, follow this link.

Source: AndroidCentral and AndroidPolice

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