Google Wallet update allows you to manage gift cards, send and request money from friends

Google Wallet update allows you to manage gift cards, send and request money from friends

Google Wallet seems to sometimes be forgotten about by Google, rarely receiving any updates. It is, however, receiving quite a big update. The features will be for both Android and iOS users, allowing for an easier transfer of funds and a more defined shopping experience.

First and foremost, you can now store gift cards and check your balances in a hurry. Once you enter your gift card info, simply click on the gift card you’d like to use, and press ‘pay’. This is definitely a widely requested feature for the app, and it will make a lot of users happy. There is a small list of certain types of cards that will notify you when you’re near the respective store. So, next time you’re near a Best Buy or Whole Foods, you may get a notification from Google Wallet if you have a gift card.

The next big addition to Google Wallet is the ability to request or send money to a friend. Transferring is made super easy, and you can even send them a nudge as a reminder to pay you back. The money transfers instantly, and makes it a great alternative to transferring money through your bank.

Though Wallet isn’t the most popular money managing app, hopefully some of these features will help expand its user base a bit.

Source: Google Commerce, Via: Android Central

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