Try Google Glass without spending a fortune

Try Google Glass without spending a fortune

Are you one of those people who have seen Google Glass only on pictures and video and never had the chance to try them out? You don’t have that amount of money or don’t want to spend all that much for something you can’t try out first? Well, Google has a solution for you (if you live in certain parts of U.S. that is)

If you follow the source link below you’ll be able to fill out an online form and set up an appointment at Google Basecamp in order to try out Google Glass. Basecamps are located in San Francisco, LA and New York, so if you live there or you plan to go there in the near future, you have the option to set up an appointment and test these futuristic glasses for yourself, although that’s not all you can do. Google offers 3 types of appointments:

  • Fitting
    – If you’re having problems setting up your Google Glass or have any problems with the product
  • Service
    – In case you have any issues with Glass, this is basically support
  • Demo
    – This is the one we’re talking about and probably the most interesting one, trying out Glass

There you go. $1500 is A LOT of money and this could be a great option for people who are considering the purchase but can’t try out the product for themselves or are just curious.

Source: Google

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