Galaxy Note 4 TouchWiz APKs leak in form of a list

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the most anticipated devices this year. There are many people out there who just can’t wait to get their hands on Samsung’s new phablet, I know a bunch of them who belong in this category. We’ve seen some leaks when it comes to this device, but that is nowhere near over it seems.

This time we have Note 4’s leaked APK list, courtesy of @evleaks. Alongside the list in form of an image, the leaker wrote the following: “Some interesting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 APKs”. If we take a closer look we can find some interesting stuff here. SStudio_WQHD_K suggests the device will have a 2K screen, this was to be expected though. SHealth3_5 confirms S Health will be once again a part of TouchWiz, with some new features probably. The list also mentions a fingerprint service and a few APKs which suggest all kinds apps/features to make your inner photographer happy.

galaxy note 4 apks leak__

Check out the list for yourself and see if anything appeals to you. Unfortunately this list also suggest another heavy version of TouchWiz, we’re still hoping that won’t be the case, but… Anyhow, are you one of those people who’re waiting for this device to launch? That will probably happen at this year’s IFA in Berlin this September.

Source: @evleaks

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  • Dee

    I am waiting for the Note 4, I was going to hold out for the S5 prime or Alpha or F series…whatever they’re going to call it, but I think the 4 will do me just fine!

    • Kristijan Lučić

      Anything (new) in particular you’d like to see on the Note 4? Do you own a Note 3?

      • Dee

        Actually, no I do not own a Note 3. I have family members who do and I mess around with theirs a bit…not enough to explore it like I’d like though. The stylus and screen size is what got me interested in the Note series, I currently have a GS3 and definitely in need of an upgrade!

        • Kristijan Lučić

          I had a GS3 prior to my Nexus 4 heh. Do you own an international variant or an american carrier variant perhaps? I don’t even know where you live, I’m asking because I owned an international 1GB one and I bet the 2GB one runs much better despite dual-core chip.

          • Dee

            Nexus 4, good phone. Friend of mine had the nexus 5 and man was I jealous of that over my GS3! I reside state side so my variant probably sucks compared to the international version. I’m just looking for the new nest thing and the Note series never disappointed on none other phones.

          • Kristijan Lučić

            Yeah, it’s great. The only thing that I’d improve on it is battery life and camera performance, everything else is great and I really don’t need nor want a new phone at the moment. I wanted to get the Nexus 5 prior to buying N4, but I just didn’t have the money to do that, considering I don’t have access to Google Play Store devices on my location.
            Note line is great, yeah. A buddy of mine has the Note 2 (rooted though), he loves that thing even though the display is a bit cracked in the bottom left corner. He’s also waiting for the Note 4.
            To each its own I guess, I just couldn’t use something that is not Nexus now, I love getting the updates first and stock Android experience is great, it’s going to be even better when Android “L” arrives 🙂

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