Republic Wireless offering free Chromecast with purchase of Moto X

For a limited time Republic Wireless is throwing in a free Chromecast with the purchase of a Moto X smartphone. Starting from yesterday, July 22 and running while supplies last, anyone who picks up a white or black 16GB Moto X will get the Google HDMI media device at no cost. The Moto X retails for $299 through Republic Wireless and can be paired with a number of rate plans that start as low as $5 per month. 

Republic Wireless

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  • Mon ChiChi

    Yeah, with their lack of REAL customer service (making people email and
    use support tickets – where you have to wait days to get a viable
    response – is not customer service), RW is at the bottom of the barrel
    in the MVNO world. They are desperate for customers, as they only have a
    little over 100,000 customers after nearly 3 years of being in
    business. While Chromecast is good, I have it myself, it’s just another
    gimmicky ploy by RW to try and draw in customers. Their typical fare of
    giving out ‘swag’ to everyone who asks for it ran out of steam very
    early on. Page Plus and Ting, both MVNO’s, are really tearing things up
    right now with their popularity, for those looking to get out from under
    the heel of the big boys.

  • Grey

    Everything you said is just plain wrong. You’re an idiot. Nobody listen to this fool… Yeesh

  • Lenoir

    If Republic Wireless offered such terrible customer service then why did they rank as the second best mobile carrier in overall customer satisfaction according to PC Magazine.,2817,2454822,00.asp

    I am a BIG fan of RW because they offer reliable service at affordable rates. You can also change your plan twice per month. I am on the $10 month plan with the Moto X but can upgrade my plan for cellular data when I travel. Once I return home, I switch back to the $10 plan. I pay for only what I need when I need it! No contract…no extra fees.

    I am also impressed with their hybrid calling and seamless handoff from WiFi to cellular calls. There are times when I am on a WiFi call at my house, and I can jump into my car and drive off while the phone automatically switches to cellular
    without dropping the call. I can also make calls over WiFi at a friend’s house who lives in a cellular dead-zone.

    I did a lot of research to make sure RW would work for me. So I am a very satisfied customer.