400 million casts later Google’s Chromecast turns one

As hard as it is to believe, Google’s Chromecast is turning one year old today. And, to celebrate the occasion, Google is tossing in 90 days of Google Play Music All access for anyone (in the U.S.) who owns a Chromecast and is not already subscribed to the music service. Available in starting today, July 24, 2014 through September 30, 2014, the promotion itself is worth $30; the app is one of our favorites to cast.

Fun facts as Chromecast turns one year old:

  • There have been more then 400 million casting sessions
  • Chromecast is sold in more than 30,000 places across 20 countries
  • There are hundreds of apps and games available for Chromecast
  • It’s one of the best $35 you could spend

Google via ChromeWatching