Google Maps gains new exploration features in latest update

Google wants to make it even easier to discover the world around you so they are updating the Google Maps app. A new “Explore” feature is being integrated into the Android and iOS apps and is designed to help users explore nearby places. Rather than deliver a generic list of places within the vicinity, Explore will consider the time, weather, and other factors to deliver results.

The next time you’re in a new area and want to grab something to eat or want to find an activity or attraction, break out Google Maps. You’ll be able to toggle settings to show results between 5-minute walks and 20-minute drives.

Once at your destination you’ll find additional relevant information such as restaurant reviews and transit schedules. Like the place and want to remember it? Save the place for later. The more you use the Explore features, the better your location experience gets. Be sure to check into the places you visit so Google can perfect the algorithm for you!