How to instantly speed up the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 & LG G3

How to instantly speed up the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 & LG G3

Hidden deep in Android, following the KitKat 4.4 release, is a feature that can be enabled to instantly speed up your Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3, and pretty much any Android device that supports KitKat.

It’s called ART, and that stands for Android Runtime, which is the successor to the Dalvik system currently used since Android’s inception. ART uses what Google calls an ‘ahead of time’ compiler as opposed to Dalvik’s ‘just in time’. Dalvik worked by converting each app on the fly when it was called upon to be launched. ART on the other hand converts it during installation, ultimately resulting in a larger app file size, but meaning the app launches pretty much instantly. The result? The device is quicker and battery life is improved.

So how do you do it?

The new ART runtime system isn’t enabled by default in Android 4.4 KitKat so you’ll need to head into the hidden ‘Developer Options’ menu in the Settings to access it. To enable the hidden ‘Developer Options’ go into Settings > About Phone > Build number and Tap the build number 7 times. Once there, go to ‘Select Runtime’ and change the selection from ‘Dalvik’ to ‘ART’.

You’ll have to reboot after changing the setting and you may have to wait a few minutes whilst ART does its thing in the background converting all your installed apps, but once the progress meter is done you’re good to go.

Whilst ART provides increased speed and improved battery life, you may find that not all Apps are 100% compatible; however since Android L has been released with the developer preview, the chances of finding an incompatible App has greatly reduced.

Drop us a comment and let us know if you’ve noticed a speed improvement on your device.

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  1. rsanchez1
    July 24, 08:29 Reply

    I’m on 4.4.2, can’t see the option in the developer mode menu.

    • saddak
      July 24, 08:53 Reply

      Juste unlock as réactives in thé articles:clicks 7 times where indicated.

  2. Saddak
    July 24, 09:03 Reply

    I did not notice particular improvement at the moment but need may be more time. I m just afraid not to receive automatic system updates since it’ s now modified.

    • jack
      July 24, 11:16 Reply

      I’ve done it with a Nexus 4 as well and haven’t noticed much of a difference. Maybe some slight things

  3. Haggie
    July 24, 12:00 Reply

    I tried ART on my Samsung S5, but I noticed lags and apps crashing. I switched back to Dalvik after one day and all the problems went away. ART is not ready for primetime yet.

  4. alex
    July 24, 13:36 Reply

    Just changed over noticed improvement on app’s battery hasn’t been an issue for me but the more the merrier.

  5. Robert Gould
    July 24, 16:03 Reply

    While Art may be more effective etc., it doesn’t work well on the AT&T variant of the htc one m8. Lots of apps run slow and widgets don’t update correctly. Maybe when the next is is released they will work out the bugs.

  6. KrisH
    July 24, 16:51 Reply

    I have HTC One M8 Sprint with 4.4.3 and can’t access Developer Options.

    • Mik Bohlman
      July 24, 18:59 Reply

      Go to settings, about. Software information, then more the. You should see it. Tap it 7 times then return one page and you will see it. :)

      • bill
        August 07, 18:38 Reply

        No love.. I can’t find it there.. I Ann in developer mode but do not see any option for build number.

  7. Alex Lorant
    July 24, 18:59 Reply

    I’m running sense 6 on my m8 and can’t find the build number option. HELP!!

    • Jonas J.
      August 09, 10:13 Reply

      Go to settings click the about device and look for mobile number press 7 times and it will pop up it says that your’e almost a developer. Go back to settings and look for option developer it should have there. Click option developer look for select run time system then click the ART.

  8. Mik Bohlman
    July 24, 19:00 Reply

    So far, I see a little bit of improvement, but I don’t care just because my phone was already super fast haha

  9. cdhernandez
    July 25, 18:12 Reply

    There is no “select runtime” in developer options on the Note 3 or Galaxy tab 3 7. Both running 4.4.2

  10. Simone
    July 31, 23:37 Reply

    I did this for a week and it made my phone lag like crazy. Didn’t speed up anything at all. I took it off today and went back to the way it previously was. I have the HTC One m8 on T-Mobile. Not going to recommend this to anyone.

  11. Jonas J.
    August 09, 10:06 Reply

    Select run time art is astonishing it is pretty fast and,smooth browsing but, there is one thing i couldn’t put to gamble my brand new s5 into jeopardy for upgrading this ART. Yes! Indeed, to fast, to smooth browsing your phone but, it is to furious to let my files somebody phising on it. There’s one reason i couldn’t sacrifice this beautiful apps into my phone because PRIVATE MODE was not compatible for ART. Perhaps version 5.0 and above it could work and compatible for all application.And, it is only my assumption for the future.

  12. artist4jesus
    August 11, 01:12 Reply

    I did what it said to speed up my htc, I find no build number anywhere in my phone

  13. RiggsFTW
    August 30, 13:33 Reply

    I’m going to try this now with my S5 and see if i see improvement (the S5 is a laggy phone for the record) but i personally see no reason to mess with the M8. That phone is already ridiculously snappy.

  14. Dale Clavier
    February 12, 12:53 Reply

    On my Samsung Galaxy s5, I was able to switch from Dalvik to ART when I was running 4.2, but since att put out update to 4.4, I am NOT able to swap back to ART. I still have the option to switch in Developer mode, but all phone does is reboot when I try to switch from Dalvik to ART

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