Accessory of the Day: Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Solar Panel Portable Charger

Accessory of the Day: Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Solar Panel Portable Charger

As much as we love to carry around portable power packs or external batteries for our smartphones, sometimes they, too, run out of juice. Now, you’re stuck in the middle of the woods and you have no place to plug in. Now what? Well, if you had used something solar powered then you’d have nothing to worry about.

The¬†Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh Solar Panel Portable Charger is the perfect camping companion. Not only does this handy guy charge up via that golden orb in the sky, it’s strong enough to juice your smartphone up 1-3 times. The internal 7200mAh Lithium Polymer battery is more than enough to get you through the day. And, for those who can get to power outlets, you’ll appreciate being able to plug the Poweradd in and getting a much quicker charge.

The device is lightweight and comes with a convenient clip so you can hang it on the tent, canopy, or backpack. You’ll hardly notice it’s there; that is, until you go to reach for it at the end of the day.

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