Get in the loop with All Events in City [App of the Day]

Get in the loop with All Events in City [App of the Day]

There’s always that weekend where you’re free but there’s just nothing going on that you know of. Well there’s a handy little app out there called All Events in City that automatically finds your city, or you can manually choose one, and it will give you a list of events and all sorts of things to do that day, as well as a schedule for the future.

This app is literally for anybody, as events can range from club parties downtown to arts festivals at your local high school. You’ll find sport camps coming up if you’re looking for something for your kid and I’m even looking at a local ribs cookoff as I write this.

This app will let you see trending events and will also let you login through Facebook to either see what friends are doing or let them know what you’re doing. Hit the Google Play link below to check out the free app!

All Events in City

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