HTC to face a tough time in Q3 considering other big players are about to showcase their smartphone offerings

HTC to face a tough time in Q3 considering other big players are about to showcase their smartphone offerings

HTC really can’t catch a break. They’ve been facing financial loses for a long time now and have finally managed to turn profit in Q2 this year, their first profit since Q2 2013. It seemed like their financial situation is getting better, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

HTC One (M8) boosted their profits in Q2 and is the main reason why they turned profit. However, considering Galaxy Note 4 and rumored Galaxy Alpha are coming soon along with Apple’s iPhone 6 offering HTC is going to face further problems. HTC’s CFO Chialin Chang said that they’ll have to “trim sales and marketing expenses” in order to avoid serious financial loses. It seems they can’t rely on HTC One (M8) sales any longer and are getting ready for some rough time in Q3. HTC’s CFO also added:

“Some of our products, after the initial excitement, have settled at a lower level. But the good thing is it is stabilized,” Chialin Chang claimed. “For HTC, to start gaining market share is important. We have gone through a transition period in 2013.”

We hope that HTC will manage to squeeze through the coming months just fine and then come back stronger than ever, although it’s hard to believe they will be able to join Samsung and other manufacturers up top. What do you think HTC needs to change in order to rise up? I personally think they’re on the right path but need to invest more on marketing.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: PhoneArena

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    All these OEM’s need to just give up and conceit to Samsung. 1…hundred phones to rule them all

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