Flappy Bird returns in Amazon Fire TV exclusive ‘Flappy Birds Family’

Six months ago, the only game that anyone wanted to talk about was Flappy Bird.You couldn’t go anywhere without reading some story about how many downloads the game had or how it was generating buckets of money. You probably also saw the Vine clips of people smashing their phones in anger. Suddenly, it disappeared and the developer went radio silent.


A few months later we heard that the game would make a return in August and bring along new features. Well, that day is at hand. You can now head to the Amazon Appstore to download Flappy Birds Family.  That is, of course, provided you own a Fire TV to play it on. Indeed, the game is not only exclusive to Amazon, but to a very specific device. New to the game are person-vs-person mode, additional obstacles, ghosts, and more “fun”.

Too little, too late? Awesomesauce? What’s your take on the return of Flappy Bird?

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