Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Four

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Four

Diskat by Pratyush Mishra

Diskat Icon Banner

Diskat by Pratyush Mishra is probably one of the most unique icon packs you’ll find on the market today. There’s really nothing like that I have found so far. As you can see, they are a squared icon with rounded corners, and totally custom graphics for each and every icon in the pack.

For about $1.15 you now get over 1,000 HD custom made icons, a few select wallpapers, dynamic calendar support and of course the icon mask/back support. On top of that, you get constant updates as I’ve had this pack installed for about 3 weeks now and I know I’ve gotten probably 8 or 9 updates during that time.

Diskat Screenshot

Buttons by Samer Zayer

Buttons Icon Banner

Samer Zayer has been around for a while now and done quite a few icon packs that I really like. His new Buttons icons are no different when it comes to that. Round, glossy icons with a nice little raised edge and a hint of a glass sheen to them makes Buttons a superb looking icon set.

You can pick these up for just $1.49 and for that price you’ll get yourself 1,100+ custom made HD icons, a ton of wallpapers that you can access via the cloud, an analog clock widget, Muzei Wallpaper support and much more.

Buttons Screenshot

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