Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Four

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Four

Baryu by Lizandro Flores

Baryu Icon Banner

Next up on the list is Baryu by Lizandro Flores which again is a different type of icon that you’ll find anywhere else in the Play Store today. With a bubbly type background behind the app icon itself, in various colors, on a squared icon with rounded corners is what makes Baryu one of a kind.

Currently Baryu only has 450+ icons, but that number is growing weekly as Lizandro is working on building a much larger icon list for all of his packs. You can grab it from the Play Store for only .99 cents, and you will also get 8 HD wallpapers to go along with it.

Baryu Screenshot

Vion by Gaurav Seth

Vion Icon Banner

Gaurav Seth has been doing icons for a while and his newest set Vion is some of his best work yet. As you can see by the image above and below, Vion doesn’t use an icon mask or icon back as the icons are simply the shape of the app icon themselves. Then throw in the vibrant colors he chooses to use and we’ve got an excellent icon pack here.

Vion is available on the Play Store for $1.99 and I know that’s going to sound expensive, but let me tell you what you get for that price. You get an astounding 2,375+ HD custom made icons, 15 icon backs, 10 folder back icons, 57 HD wallpapers, Muzei Wallpaper support, an icon dashboard, and much more. All of that for just $1.99 which isn’t bad at all if you ask me. And one more thing to add, is that Gaurav has a matching set of Zooper Widgets by the same name that you can download and install, for FREE.

Vion Screenshot

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