Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Four

Bar 2.1 by Joshua Masih

Bar 2.1 Icon Banner

Joshua Masih is one of my favorite developers simply because I talk to him quite a bit and he reminds me a lot of myself. He does so in the sense that he works on many different icon packs all at the same time yet he ends up releasing them all unlike I originally thought he might when I first stumbled across him. His latest, Bar 2.1 is actually a remake of his previous Bar icons. While Bar icons were superb, Bar 2.1 blows them out of the water. Just as their name suggests, they are little rectangle bars with superb attention to details on the app icons.

For around $1.68 you can pick up Bar 2.1 and for that price you will get 880+ HD icons, 30 beautiful HD wallpapers, icon request tool and more great stuff. Well worth the price especially since Joshua is very good at keeping things updated and is constantly adding new icons to all of his sets he currently has.

Bar 2.1 Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.xonyxinc.icon.bar’ name=’Bar 2.1 Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Tha Glassik by ThaPhlash

ThaGlassik Icon Banner

Last, but certainly not least, is the God Father of all Android icon makers, ThaPhlash with my favorite set of all time by him, Tha Glassik. One of, if not the, first transparent icon packs I ever saw was Tha Glassik and I instantly knew these were a hit. Currently Tha Glassik is only available in round, however, rest assured that ThaPhlash is probably going to be making the other 3 shapes, triangle, oval and square, available soon. As you can see, these icons look just like a piece of glass with an app icon etched on them. Lots of detail in this set.

Tha Glassik can be yours for just $1.99 and what that gets you is 1,000+ HD highly custom icons, a few custom wallpapers, dynamic calendar support and a few other goodies along the way. Definitely worth the price in my eye from the God Father of Android icons.

Tha Glassik Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.thaphlash.glassik’ name=’Tha Glassik Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

Final Thoughts

Please note that these are some of my favorite icon packs currently and ones that I suggest everyone take a close look at. One thing I do ask is that if you purchase any or all of these from the Play Store, please make sure to leave a few words of encouragement for the developer praising them on their hard work that they have put into making these icons and making our mobile devices so amazing looking.

Also don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t as they all certainly deserve it. If you have any issues, please hit the Email Developer button near the bottom of the Play Store listing and I can almost guarantee you that you’ll get a response from the developer and they will help you in any way they possibly can as they want to earn that 5-star rating from you.

This is something that’s very important and it only encourages them to continue doing what they are doing to make our devices that much more awesome in the near future.

Let us know in the comments what you think of any or all of these icons and if you have some you’d like for us to showcase, let us know that too and we will certainly take a look at them.