NutriSystem updates its NuMi app, a DIY digital weight loss system

If you were hoping to stay in shape or lose weight, you may want to try Nutrisystem, which just updated it’s NuMi app for Android with improved features.

According to Nutrisystem, NuMi is a weight loss system that integrates live, one-on-one weight loss support for the “do-it-yourself dieter” as well as those transitioning from a structured meal plan or looking for post-diet weight maintenance support. You can basically track everything in your life, such as your workouts, what you eat, how much water you drink, etc., to help you lose weight.

Since launching, NuMi was given a redesigned home screen to make it even easier to use. It also has adaptive features, learning how users log data and adjusts to provide customized assistance.

Additionally, NuMi features an improved search that allows dieters to search restaurants and meals, browse recipes and ingredients and search for branded foods as well as all foods.

The app is free on Google Play, but not free to use. Once you sign in, if it’s your first time using the platform you get a free 7-day trial, but you need to signup for a plan that will start after the trial. The plans start at $19.99 a month.

Via NuMi

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