Download and install Google Search 3.6, Google Play Music 5.6 and YouTube 5.9 apps manually [APKs]

Download and install Google Search 3.6, Google Play Music 5.6 and YouTube 5.9 apps manually [APKs]

Google Search, Google Play Music and YouTube all got updated by Google. Versions 3.6, 5.6 and 5.9 respectively. If you’re not willing to wait for updates to show up in your Google Play Store (if they haven’t already), you can find the download links at the bottom of the article and sideload them yourself. Let’s see what’s new.

Google Search

Google added deep linking and is moving slowly towards hands-free mode when it comes to Google Search. Deep linking means the search will be able to access and show you content from within the app as well as link you to that content. There are some signs of the hands-free mode as well but it doesn’t work just yet, it seems Google is getting the app ready for it. Google Search will also warn you that someone else might use your device by voice when you activate “OK, Google” voice command to work from wherever you are on your phone as long as it is on.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music got a bit more changes than Google Search did, a lot more in fact. You can now use the Google Play Music 1×1 I’m feeling lucky widget on your homescreen. Not only that but you have access to a 3×1 widget with a white colors scheme which you can resize up to 4×4. The amount of storage is now visible at the top of the Downloads screen within the app and you can now search shared public playlists as well.


YouTube got some playlist-related changes. This part of the app is more functional now, you can now save or share a playlist and it will wait for you in the sidebar so you can access it easier later. This is not all, there are several improvements here.


Why Download?
If you’re the type of person who likes to stay on the cutting edge of software then you’ll want to get your hands on the file. And, given software updates can take days or weeks to fully roll out, this ensures you’re moving up in the line.

What’s the Risk?
We’ll only share files or links to files that we feel can be trusted. Google does a great job of signing apps, checking them for malware, and protecting users. If you’re not sure whether you want to download the app at this time, simply wait for your update to arrive. No harm, no foul.

Download links:

Source: Android Police 1, 2, 3

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