1440p Option Showing Up for LG G3 Users

1440p Option Showing Up for LG G3 Users

Good news for those of you who decided to pick up the LG G3 and all of its quad HD screen glory. Users are reporting that the YouTube app is now giving them the option of selecting 1440p as a quality option. I was able to verify this on my own LG G3 today also. No word yet on whether this option is showing up for other smartphones and tablets capable of displaying 1440p quality.

This is a pretty big boost for 2k/4k as most new devices are able to shoot video at 4k now. Couple that with the fact that most new phones able to display 1440p video and you have to believe that the amount of content will rise sharply now, at least YouTube content. If you are able to get this option on other devices let us know in the comments.


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