Google Purchases Smart Messaging Service Emu!

Google Purchases Smart Messaging Service Emu!

Google has purchased the smart messaging application Emu. There is very little news on the details of the purchase, such as selling price or what Google plans to do with Emu. Emu did confirm on their website that they were indeed purchased by Google. If you are not familiar with the smart chat service Emu than you will be forgiven as it appears most are, and who can blame you with the vast amounts of chat/IM apps out there on both Android and iOS.

Emu works as a messaging app that offers helpful links that are attached to your messages. Say you message someone about meeting for a movie, Emu would show available movies in that message. If that sounds pretty interesting to you apparently it did to Google also. We can all only imagine what the team will be able to do with Google’s own messaging service, Hangouts, in the future as I’m sure that this has to be somewhat, if not all, of the reason why Google purchased them.

The app has already been removed from the Play Store and will be removed from Apple’s App Store on August 25th. Users will no longer be able to send, receive, or download messages at that time.  As more news about this purchase fleshes out we here at Androidguys will keep you posted.

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