FYI: Qualcomm says the OnePlus One can playback music for days

FYI: Qualcomm says the OnePlus One can playback music for days

Your next party may not be one that rages on for days, but Qualcomm wants everyone to know, according to a recent blog post, that the OnePlus One, which features its latest Snapdragon 801 processor can play music for over 60 hours on a single battery charge.

This is all thanks to Qualcomm Hexagon DSP, a technology block found inside certain Snapdragon processors. Hexagon DSP processes the music, which then allows the CPUs to power down and deliver a major savings in power. In the OPO, this works in conjunction with its large 3100mAH battery.

If you want a more technical explanation, Qualcomm says that the audio stream is sent to the DSP in large chunks without being decoded on the Android side and this allows the apps processor to sleep while the DSP decodes the audio and sends it to the codec.

“We put the claim to the test by plugging the OnePlus One’s headphone jack into a music receiver and continuously cycled through our long music playlist until the One’s battery was completely depleted.”

Lastly, Qualcomm said this impressive 60+ hours is also thanks to the Cyanogen team who optimized CyanogenMod to tap into the Snapdragon DSP for low-power music playback.

VIA: Qualcomm

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  1. keithnyc
    August 09, 08:59 Reply

    Basically the One’s battery appears to be giving me superior performance across the board. Two 1/2 days between charges, and that’s with using the phone, Skype, playing games and listening to music

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