Nexus tablet codenamed Flounder certified in South Korea


It seems the idea of a new Nexus 6 or Nexus 8 being released is a case of when rather than if. We’ve had various leaks that suggest the Nexus 8, which seems to be codenamed Flounder, exists but no sign of a release date.

It seems that the Nexus 8 or HTC Volantis has just been certified in South Korea, raising suspicion that the next Nexus may be closer on the horizon than we think.

The RRA (Radio Research Agency) certified a tablet from HTC Corporation which shows the same 0P8210000 number indicated on a previous leak by @evleaks which ties that identifier to the Flounder codename.


So now the Nexus 8 is a ‘thing’, could we be seeing information ramp up and possibly an indication as to when the next Nexus will be released?

Thoughts in the comments below.



  1. can’t wait! hope they’re announcing and releasing it soon! because that means a new Android version is coming and I’m very excited.
    also it’s going to be a great tablet with great hardware too for sure, can’t wait to take a look at it.