Top browsers for Android (mid-2014)

Browser is quite probably an integral part of your everyday smartphone routine, no matter how you use it. Luckily for us there are plenty of browsers populating Google Play Store, many of which are great. Please note that these browsers are listed in no particular order, each of them has something different to offer and they all work just fine. As a disclaimer I’m going to say that I’ve used all of them at some point in the last couple of years and have re-installed those which I didn’t have installed recently. I’m currently using Chrome and CM Browser as my 2 main choices. So, let’s get started.

Chrome Browser

This is a somewhat obvious choice. Google’s own offering is a truly great browser. It was slow and clunky once, but that’s not the case anymore. Chrome looks really great sporting that flat design. Performance is also great and it has other benefits as well, like sync for example. If you use Chrome on all your devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) you’ll be able to cross-sync your open tabs and bookmarks. Note that this is a pretty big download and it’s not exactly heavy on memory but it’s not among the light browsers either. You can even download Chrome Beta from the Play Store and experience Material Design first hand. Performance is quite frankly on par with Chrome basically so you don’t have to worry about that.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Chrome Browser – Google’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


CM Browser

Many of you have probably never even heard of this one. Well, it’s pretty great. Download size is only 1.7MB and CM Browser runs like a champ. It’s lightweight, works extremely fast, it’s secure and the design is utterly beautiful. This browser is made by the same team that brought us Clean Master, CM Security and Battery Doctor, all of which are great apps. Don’t take my word for it though, try it out yourself, I got my hands on it a few weeks ago and have been using it next to Chrome ever since.

[pb-app-box pname=’com.ksmobile.cb’ name=’CM Browser – Fast & Secure’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


Firefox Browser

Firefox for Android keeps on getting better and better. The performance is quite good, it works fast and is reliable. Cross-sync with your other Firefox browsers is also a part of the package. Note that this is also a rather big download (approximately 30MB), just like Chrome browser and it is not exactly light on memory (if that’s your concern), in our experience on par or somewhat heavier than Chrome, that shouldn’t bother you if you have a relatively solid Android device though. You also have lots of add-ons at your disposal as well as a slew of other options. It’s a great browser overall, just like the desktop version of it.

[pb-app-box pname=’org.mozilla.firefox’ name=’Firefox Browser for Android’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


Dolphin Browser

Dolphin is yet another great browser for Android. It is lighter than both Chrome and Firefox and it really does offer great functionality. You have a “Gesture” feature at your disposal if you want to get the fastest access to some of your favorite webpages. “Sonar” voice service is also hear if that’s your thing. There are many more options you can find inside this app for you to try out, this browser also has cross-platform sync included. Dolphin looks and works great and would definitely recommend it. If you want something lighter overall and a bit lighter on the features however, try out Dolphin Browser Mini.

[pb-app-box pname=’mobi.mgeek.TunnyBrowser’ name=’Dolphin Browser for Android’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]


Boat Browser

I’ve stumbled upon this browser a long time ago. It worked great back then on my old Galaxy 5 if I remember correctly (I might be mistaken though, don’t exactly remember the device I was using at that time) and it works great now. Boat is fast, reliable and it also offers some great functionality. It would take a long time to list everything, but I’ll mention some of the features. You can customize Boat’s action bar at the bottom any way you want and add stuff you use the most, such as bookmarks, share perhaps, back, tab preview, new tab shortcut… there are really many option to choose from, you can set it to any way you want. Inside of the browser you also have a feature called “Floating Tab” which lets you open up a webpage but minimized and move that window wherever you want, which can significantly improve productivity. Boat is not  the lightest browser out there but it’s far from being the heaviest as well. It will offer you great performance if you give it a try. This browser also has a mini version, if you want to try it out click here.

[pb-app-box pname=’’ name=’Boat Browser for Android’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]



Other browsers you might like: Atlas Browser, Javelin Browser, UC Browser, Opera Browser and Maxton Browser. These are also great choices. Which browser(s) do you use/prefer?

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  • Dave Harrison

    I have grown to be very fond of Now Browser. I run it along side chrome. When I need a light browser, Now is the ticket.

    • Kristijan Lučić

      I had it installed for a short period of time but haven’t used it all that much. Will give it a second look soon, to see what it’s all about. Thx for the recommendation.

  • Arvid

    Don’t miss the “Full Screen Browser”. Nothing fancy but perfect for running kiosk applications.

    • Kristijan Lučić

      I haven’t even tried that one, thanks for the recommendation, I’ll definitely give it a spin!

  • TJ

    Which browsers support flash?

    • DROID guy

      Now that we have the CM power and memory, lets have android support flash. Definitely an IOS differentiator.

    • Rstokc

      Dolphin. It will take you to links for a flash version for your version of android. Once you install it, you enable it in the Web content settings.

  • I’m very careful of what browser’s I use due to privacy concerns. I like CM’s products, I’m just weary of using a browser developed in a country so well known for its hacking and governmental control over its citizens and products they produce.

    Perhaps I’m just paranoid? Afterall, what Good would my info do the Chinese government? Right? Silly I’m sure, then you read about how Lenovo computers (of former IBM Thinkpad days] are no longer allowed to be used for US government offices. Hmm

    Still.. These days isn’t everyone spying on everyone? Hello NSA, CIA, China, hell Google sorts through my email, my voicemail and can now control the heating/cooling system of my house all while controlling my cell phone.

    Question, have you ever looked at your phone and found that Google deleted an app without your permission or knowledge? CRAZY of me to think I was in control in the first place. 😉

    Oh…yeah…I use Firefox usually.. For all the crazy reasons above.

    • Kristijan Lučić

      I don’t think you can avoid it mate, no matter which browser you use. The only way you’d be off the radar if you leave every piece of technology behind you and go live in the middle of nowhere. Though if someone wants to find you they’ll find you no matter where you go.

      On the other hand why would someone want to spy on you, there’s no point getting paranoid when it comes to stuff like that either way… you’ll just make yourself crazy and stuff 🙂

      • I user Firefox because it’s opensource and the source code is visible to all which makes it less likely that the bad mojo makes it through without being found and removed by other coders.

        • Jim

          Genesis, get psychiatric help. You need it. Badly. And “England” isn’t a city.

          Look up paranoid schizophrenia.

          • First, I’m far from paranoid, I’m a realist. My first post had a bit if humor to it that your obviously feeble mind couldn’t comprehend. It’s OK, not all of us are capable of critical thinking.

            Second, everything I mentioned is true. China a major source of hacks? Yes Governmental control over corporations and have previously forced backdoors into software? Yep. Even my comment about Google removing apps from your phone without user consent or knowledge. Yes, they’ve done that to users too when they deem it “necessary.”

            Third, when I speak about spying I’m not talking about men in black peaking in my windows. I’m taking about cyber crime, trojan horses, viruses, identity theft. Hell Chinese hackers were responsible for Target’s credit card# thefts and a recent theft of 4.5 million Americans health info, social security numbers, names and addresses. Sad fact is that China is responsible for almost 34% of attacks second only to Indonesia (38%). Call me be paranoid if you like but as someone who has been stolen from due to a company being hacked I can tell you it’s no fun cleaning up the mess.

            Fourth, and lastly..Yes, I know England isn’t a city. I replied from my smartphone and didn’t proofread before posting, anyone with a brain could tell I meant London, England.

            P.S. Classy how you used a mental health disorder thousands struggle with in your failed attempt to demean me. Grow up.

          • Amir

            your security concerns are absolutely legit… but if u wanna be really safe, instead of running live into nowhere, i recommend using BlackBerry

          • I actually agree, Blackberry is/ was the safest option of them all. Its just a shame about the state they are in. Sadly not very confidence inspiring. I do realise the predicament I have put myself in by owning a product an OS created by a company who’s sole product is gathering and selling information to those willing to pay. Although I use my account send to try and keep things fairly locked down I’m sure I’m as vulnerable as many. Perhaps ignorance if bliss afterall.

  • Thazleem T2 Ali

    I use Javelin along with Chrome & believe it should’ve been mentioned as it has some unique & very useful features.

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  • I use CM Browser full-time. It’s lean and renders so damned fast. It’s got a lot of features, too. For me to give up Chrome, a browser has to be great.

  • Oh

    Developer of Javelin Browser now spamming everyone who …