Locket returns bringing new life to your lock screen

Locket returns bringing new life to your lock screen

The average person checks their phones about 110 times throughout the day. Most of those 110 times, you are just turning your device onto the lock screen to view the notifications bar and will be turning it right back off. Locket is looking to improve that experience by adding some relevance to the lock screen.

Locket made headlines a little ways back by paying users for viewing ads and unlocking their phone. The company ended up growing with users faster than expected while the sales had lagged behind causing a big financial problem for the company and users alike.

After revamping their business model, Locket is making its official return with a new app and new features hoping to win back the hearts of its users once again.

The new Locket app looks to turn your boring lockscreen into a useful screen so when you turn your phone on to check that notification bar, you are also seeing contextually relevant content on the lockscreen. Everytime that you turn your phone on Locket will display the top five stories that are important to you.

Boasting features such as “The Cream of the Crop” where Locket promises to deliver the best stories of the day to your lock screen, gorgeous lock screens, being updated twice a day, the ability to save the news stories for later, and weather information, Locket is sure to make your lock screen experience more enjoyable one news story at a time. Despite Locket’s past, this new app gives Locket a bright future.

Locket is a free app that is available on the Google Play Store.

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