Dropbox for Android Update includes new search tool and file previews

Dropbox for Android Update includes new search tool and file previews

Dropbox just released an update for Android, version 2.4.3 which adds document previews and a new way to search within the app.  Dropbox continues to be one of the better options for cloud storage by continually adding new features.

Users can now preview Word, PowerPoint, or .pdf within Dropbox versus the old way of being forced into another app to view the files.  This makes for a much nicer experience when you can stay within one app.

In addition to previewing files, Dropbox also improved the search functions within its app for Android.  Similar to a Google search, Dropbox will keep track of your most recent searches, make suggestions when you’re typing into your search box, and now you can search within folders, or your entire Dropbox.

If you have not updated your app yet, go to the Google Play store and download the latest update.  The latest features make for a much more user friendly experience.

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