T-Mobile to throttle P2P network abusers

T-Mobile to throttle P2P network abusers

T-Mobile, for all of its Un-carrier ways, still has to act like a traditional carrier every once in a while. Such is the case where, next week, they will begin throttling users who engage in peer-to-peer file sharing and tethering outside of normal terms and conditions. Expected to stat August 17, this should only impact a small percentage of users, particularly those with unlimited data plans.

According to details discovered by TmoNews, T-Mobile will first contact infringing customers to advise of the policy changes. After that, and if it persists, T-Mobile will issue a warning and then a throttling. It is not clear at what point the data is throttled but it does appear that it will be lifted in the next billing cycle.

It seems T-Mobile has already identified the problem accounts and plans to roll out the warnings in short order. If you’re using T-Mobile to download and share torrents as part of your unlimited plan then your days could be numbered.


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  1. Frettfreak
    August 13, 18:05 Reply

    Thats kinda crap but i see why. I use torrents but probably not enough to come up on their radar

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