T-Mobile won’t throttle P2P users but will try to change their behaviors

T-Mobile won’t throttle P2P users but will try to change their behaviors

You know the report that said T-Mobile would be throttling those who abuse their 4G LTE network for peer-to-peer file sharing and wrongful tethering? It appears that this is not exactly the case and that T-Mobile wants to, instead, reach out to help these people change. And, as far as there only being a select few bad apples in the bunch, that seems to be true. Reportedly, T-Mobile has identified roughly 20 such accounts which need addressing.

Instead of throttling the Unlimited accounts, T-Mobile hopes to work with the customers and change their ways. The idea is that this is enough to get them back on track and into good network practices.

T-Mobile, however, does prohibit the use of peer-to-peer file services as well as limit the amount of data customers can use when tethering their phone to a computer. Sievert said T-Mobile may take action if customers are finding ways to circumvent such limits or otherwise violating the company’s terms of service.


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