Accessory of the Day: Limefuel Lite 15000mAh USB Battery Pack $34.99

Accessory of the Day: Limefuel Lite 15000mAh USB Battery Pack $34.99

Looking for some extra battery power to get you through the day or weekend? Of course you are! If there’s one thing we know about owning multiple smartphones and gadgets it’s that they’re zero good when their out of power. In the words of Boba Fett to Lord Vader, “He’s no good to me dead”. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for great deals on accessories such as external battery packs.

It just so happens that we’ve got a great bargain in our own deals page. Between now and the next five days you can pick up the Limefuel Lite 15,000 mAh Lithium-ion external battery pack for a mere $34.99. Normally retailing for about $55 this amounts to a 36% savings. For real, check Amazon and you’ll see. And, if this wasn’t good enough, you’ll also score some free shipping on the device, too!

So what can you do with 15,000mAh worth of battery? Oh… how about charge your phone up between 5-7 times! Indeed, most of the higher end devices of 2014 are coming with around 3000mAh batteries so your stuff from 2012-2013 gets even more charges.

With two USB ports, auto-on/off, and a built-in flashlight this is a camper’s delight. Or a student’s delight. Or a parent’s delight. Or… well, you get it.


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