Make your Android awesome with Drippler [App of the Day]

Make your Android awesome with Drippler [App of the Day]

Looking to change your phone up and make the best if it? Learn everything you need to know with Drippler.

Upon first launch, Drippler learns what phone your using and what version of Android it is running and gathers articles that are important and useful to you and your specific phone. I was very surprised by how useful the first articles I saw were, and they were about specific things that I wanted to know about my phone and tweaking some of the small things. The more articles you read, the more the app is tailored to what you want.


The design of the app is also a strong spot, as it bears the look of Material Design with transparent navigation buttons and notification bar in the app.


Also in the app is the new Discussions feature which is basically a forum for talking Android stuff like gaming, devices and software questions.

Check out Drippler in the link below!


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