Get This Look: Veu

Get This Look: Veu

Everyone is still going crazy over Android L and how absolutely gorgeous it is. If you are among the rooters and custom ROM users, then you are in luck. Veu is a very popular CM11 theme created and maintained by the amazing Arz Bhatia. Everything follows Material Design guidelines and looks beautiful doing it. This monster of a theme includes not just one theme, but 8 separate themes of various colors! All of them contain the same attention to detail and Material Design greatness. Included with Veu, you get

  • Wallpapers
  • Custom Tones
  • Custom Lockscreen
  • Custom Boot animation
  • Custom Google KEyboard Skin
  • First Edition Roboto
  • Custom Gapps Icons
  • L Navigation Bar Icons
  • Custom Clock Widget
  • 45+ themed items and apps

Everything in this theme is near perfect to how my dream device would look, the only down side is the loading animation. Honestly though, I am always going to hate that little thing telling me that my device or internet is slow and making me wait for my content. Finding your perfect CM11 theme can be tough, but I think I found mine. What is your perfect CM11 theme?

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