Root your LG G3 with one-click using Stump Root for any US Carrier

Root your LG G3 with one-click using Stump Root for any US Carrier

Whilst a handful of tools already exist to root the LG G3, no one tool has been created that has been able to root the device agnostic of carrier, the Sprint model is still waiting for a root method.

Well that wait is over, as a one-click universal solution for all carriers, including Sprint, has been released to root your LG G3.

Stump Root is incredibly simple to use and your device will be rooted in one-click. Simply hit the button and reboot, done.


  1. Download and install the apk from this thread on XDA.
  2. Run the app
  3. Tap on the button labeled “Grind.”
  4. If it worked, the app will instruct you to restart your phone.
  5. Once it’s finished rebooting, install SuperSU from the Play Store.
  6. [Optional] Uninstall Stump Root.

Stump root works across all US variants of the G3, and there’s a very good chance the exploit will work on non-US versions too, but the developers advise that there’s some fine detail to be ironed out before an international version is released.

So all those waiting to get root access on your LG G3, here you have it. Let us know how you got on in the comments section below.


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