Huawei slips more EMUI 3.0 previews out ahead of debut

Huawei, rightfully excited over its upcoming EMUI 3.0, has leaked out another handful of images for its custom user interface. Expected to debut at IFA next month, this time we’re looking at the integrated camera and gallery experience.

Features include:

  • Access to camera – Quick access to gallery from camera by a single pull down gesture that activates camera when browsing through the gallery
  • Photo tagging – Images are tagged and then organized via date, location, etc.
  • All focus feature – The feature allows user to readjust the point of focus of the photo after it is being taken.

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Be sure to check out the previous preview for EMUI 3.0.

We’ll be anxious to see how Huawei feels on a device; IFA should give way to some interesting stuff from the hardware maker.