How to fix Google Play Store errors

How to fix Google Play Store errors

Error codes are brilliant – they stop you from doing what you want whilst providing the least amount of information possible by just giving you a code or a number.

To stop you throwing your device against the wall in frustration, here’s how to fix the most possible error codes found when using the Google Play Store.

Error 491

Cause: Prevents download and update of apps.

Fix: Locate Google Services in your application manager, force stop the app and clear the data.

Error 919

Cause: An app downloads fine, but does not open once downloaded.

Fix: Your device has most likely run out of space. Fire up the storage manager in settings to free some space up.

Error 413

Cause: Prevents download and update of apps.

Fix: Another error that can be resolved by clearing the data of Google Services.

Error 921

Cause: Prevents download and update of apps.

Fix: This one is a little bit more difficult to fix and involves having to delete your Google Play Store apk completely and reinstalling the store.

Error 403

Cause: The request to download an app is forbidden.

Fix: Usually caused by having multiple accounts on the device. Uninstall the app in question and reinstall from the correct account on the Google Play Store. If necessary, temporarily delete the other account from the device.

Error 927

Cause: Downloading an app is prohibited because an update of the Play Store is in progress.

Fix: Simply wait for the update to finish. Failing that, clear the cache of the Google Play Services and Google Play Store applications.

These are the common error codes we’ve encountered, but if you’re experiencing difficulties with another error code then be sure to drop us a comment below, or check out a thread at XDA where they’ve extensively covered error codes in the Play Store.

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  1. bolski
    August 20, 09:42 Reply

    Any idea on Error code -12 when trying to watch a movie via Google Play Movies? This seems to only occur when I’m on a custom ROM.

    • anonymous
      August 21, 00:46 Reply

      You probably have an outdated version of Google Apps.

  2. Aiman
    February 03, 22:38 Reply

    My problem is nothing error show in playstore plss help me :((

  3. ShiennA
    April 25, 03:38 Reply

    Mine it says that “Server Error – Retry”

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