Accessory of the Day: Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery and wall charger combo

Accessory of the Day: Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery and wall charger combo

Need to pick up an extra battery for your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone? Swing by Amazon today and you’ll find a replacement battery and wall charger combo pack for a mere $17.50. And that’s not just one battery, mind you, this kit comes with two of them. Well, actually, you can score three batteries for only $6 more. The charger is perfect for those who like to come home and swap out a fresh battery or toss in a new one on the way to work. Going away for the weekend? Charge ’em all up ahead of time and leave the cables at home.

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  1. Esteban_Colberto
    August 21, 18:20 Reply

    There are better deals on non-nfc, non-oem batteries with chargers at Amazon. Would be great deal if these were legit.

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