Face Fun – Free Movie Maker App Review

Face Fun – Free Movie Maker App Review

1You’ve undoubtedly seen those funny videos that you can make where you take a static image is turned into a movie with a part of the face replaced with an imported animated clip. Those things are hilerious, but without being a whiz with photoshop, how do you do it?

That’s where Face Fun comes in, a free Movie Maker app for Android. This app will take a static image and allow you to quickly and easily change the mouth of the image to your own, complete with sound. Face Fun allows you to therefore make absolutely anyone say absolutely anything, all in a few clicks.

Face Fun will import any image, whether that be from the web, your camera, or Google+, and provides the tools to easily resize your image to cover the recording screen.2 You then position the blue circle around the mouth and then choose the blending for the edges. Simply hit the record button, position your mouth in the indicated section until you’re happy with the placement and begin recording.

Make your pet talk, your girlfriend have a deep voice, or a best friend confess, Face Fun has a brilliantly simple user interface which will have your video compiled within minutes. The app is even preloaded with celebrity images for a bit of practise. Once you’re done with your funny movie, Face Fun even gives you the opportunity to share it instantly to your favourite networks.

You can literally have endless fun with Face Fun, and it’s completely free in the Google Play Store.

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