Motorola rumored with 8 more smartphones in 2014

Motorola rumored with 8 more smartphones in 2014

It is no secret that Motorola have a good number of devices lined up for release, and one of them might just be a Nexus device, but a recent leak suggests that the company has as many as 8 smartphones in the pipeline.

The smartphones aren’t expected to start until September, but those 8 devices are potentially shaping up to be a new DROID, the DRIOD Maxx, DROID Turbo, Moto X+1, Moto G, Moto X Play, Moto S, and a new Nexus device.

Rumour has it, however, is that some of those devices depend on the success of others. For example, sources say that if the X+1 does well then the DROID Turbo may be scraped. Likewise, the X Play and Moto S will replace each other depending on the market response as to which screen size users prefer.

Whilst it seems Motorola have 8 devices lined up, potentially only 6 of them will ever see light.

That’s some pretty good forward planning from Motorola, right?

Source: TKTechNews

Via: PhoneArena

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  1. Jake
    August 21, 21:23 Reply

    Can we please retire the Droid line? And please, no more phones with the word ‘maxx’ in the name.

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