Inspire or get inspired with Ku

Inspire or get inspired with Ku

Tumblr meets Instagram in a gorgeous social sharing application service

Ku is an interesting little app that I have had the pleasure of messing around with lately. After the first ten minutes, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that Ku was Tumblr plus Instagram currently being used by the thoughtful individuals. I was very pleased with the app interface as soon as I opened up Ku. Setting up my account and getting started with my first Ku was about the easiest thing I have ever done. Most visually appealing as well. While I was bummed that there was no option to log in with my Google+ account, it was a simple matter to get signed up using my email.

com- (17)The next element of Ku to impress me was the content. While the development team has no control over the content that users publish, it is still amazing. Each post is called a Ku, and each Ku is unique and filled with meaning. Of course, it all depends on who you are following, but most of the users that I have found on Ku fill their posts with meanings and an underlying mood of hope.

The process of actually making your own Ku is also enjoyable and easy to do. You are presented with an off white square to work your magic on. You get three lines of text with six words on each line. Incase you are unable to think of anything to write about, there is a bar above your workspace that aims to inspire you by giving you prompt like “What’s the time?”, “What will you do tomorrow?”, “What do you see?” and a bunch more.

After you finish the writing portion of your Ku, you are off to the editing stage. Here you get to add small little doodles to give your Ku personality or move around the words to add a more artistic feel to your Ku. At this stage, you also can add a photo to accompany your Ku or add preset hashtags to give the viewer an idea of what your Ku is about. Then you add a caption if you feel so inclined!

com- (15)The best part is that right before you publish your Ku for all to see, you can also choose to publish your Ku to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. After you finish all that, your Ku is available for all to see. Ku is a great outlet for writers, drawers or photographers. It is also a great place for people to draw inspiration, hope or strength from.

After a few minutes of receiving the app, my boss asked me if I had gotten to email. This was my word for word response. “Yeah, I got the email. Been playing with the app a little bit. It is actually pretty neat! It is like Tumblr meets Instagram used by people with deep thoughts. I am sitting here rethinking how I view life”… This was really late at night, and I didn’t have a great command of the English language at that point, but the basic idea remains.

Ku is a great app and with amazing content. It has simple controls and a beautiful interface. I wholeheartedly recommend Ku to anyone and everyone. There is plenty to learn and plenty to teach on Ku. Go join the growing community and become inspired!

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