View photos with ease: QuickPic [App of the Day]

View photos with ease: QuickPic [App of the Day]

I’m always about changing up the defaul apps in ym phone if I’m unhappy with some of them. Photo galleries are usually nice, but there’s always something better on the market. QuickPic organizes your photos in a nice way and has some nifty little animations to make photo viewing nice and relaxing.


The swipe-left menu allows you to choose what photos you want to see, from local photos on your phone to Dropbox and Google Drive. Quickpic also has immersive mode which is a huge necessity for people with on-screen navigation buttons. If your camera takes pictures in a 3:2 ratio by default, double-tapping on the picture will zoom the picture just enough to completely fill your phone’s screen, which is a small thing I really like because I’m always annoyed with 3:2 pictures not filling the entire screen when viewing them.

For editing photos, you’re better off with the stock gallery app or another premium photo editing app, but if you’re just looking to crop a photo, change the aspect ratio or even the resolution, QuickPic has got you covered. Check it out in the link below!

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