Tego Audio CERA Review

Tego Audio CERA Review

In the past I have given up on bluetooth/portable speakers because of their less-than-full sound and petty battery life. I was slightly wary to try one again lest the same issues still be present, but I was gladly surprised with the Tego Audio CERA.

The CERA comes in the form of a robust sphere with a flattened base. The circular control panel at the top doubles as a power button. When depressed, the top panel will push upward revealing the speaker within accompanied by a glowing blue light. It really is a treat to look at, but what about the sound quality?

Tego Audio CERA2

Bluetooth pairs very quickly with any device, and you’re playing music in no time. The signal and quality is surprisingly very good. The device puts out a lot of bass for the size, and music is very clear even over bluetooth connection. Being an avid music listener, I’m usually very picky of how I listen to my music, and the CERA pulled through effortlessly.

Now to a slightly sour point.. After all the music listening I was doing, the battery was bound to run out. While I was surprised how long it lasted, when the device finally shut off I could not have anticipated it at all. It wasn’t until the third time it died on me that I realized there was a tiny red light at the bottom of the device to indicate low power. It really is hard to see, and the speaker has no other means of telling you it is low on power. I would suggest that Tego Audio find some way to have the blue speaker light gradually turn to red as the device loses power. That light is much more visible and would let you know you’re about to lose power.

Tego Audio CERA3

The Tego Audio CERA may not be the best portable speaker money can buy, but for around $90 USD it does a very good job! Looks, sound, and battery life are all done very well with only a few quirks here and there. This product is definitely worth your time.

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