March 29, 2015

The ultimate battle of.. Fingers VS Axes? [App Review]


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This game is very fun and yet it's quite odd. Although there aren't too many levels just yet, it is fun to play again and again. Quick updates with new content will have firing this one up on a regular basis.
The ultimate battle of.. Fingers VS Axes? [App Review] Reviewed by on . Rating: 4.5

Have you ever taken a look at your fingers and wondered what kind of damage they would do to a tiny stick person? Not to worry if you haven’t yet, but you definitely will after playing Fingers VS Axes!

Some of us don’t have the patience to play in-depth games on our smartphones, but rather require something more straight forward. Something to play on the fly, not knowing when you’ll have to quit with no warning. Fingers VS Axes is here to try and fill that role, and it actually does a great job.

The gameplay is original and entertaining. Fingers VS Axes is as quirky as it is fun. Using different weapons against your small foe turns out to be ridiculously entertaining, and keeps you locked on the game. You take trips to different areas (one being hell) to battle the miniature enemies.


There are several weapons, as well as several ways to masterfully assault your tiny nemesis. Bash the little axe-bearers repeatedly, but shake furiously when they attach to you! Also, watch out for the tank! This game can get pretty messy.

Fingers VS Axes is a great time waster, that’s definitely worth a look. Just be careful not to look too foolish in public as you madly swipe your finger across the screen! You should definitely give this game a chance!

We’re optimistic about the future of this game as well; the last few weeks saw an update with new achievements, a new pirate costume, and chainsaw. We’re already fans of high-replay games such as this so new goodies just makes us even happier.

Also be sure to check out the iOS version for your friends and family who have iPhones and iPads.

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