HTC Offering More Drive Space

HTC Offering More Drive Space

Do you have any of these HTC phones?

  • New HTC One M8
  • HTC Desire 816, HTC Desire 610
  • HTC One max
  • 2013 HTC devices including :  HTC One, HTC Butterfly S, HTC One Mini and HTC Desire 601.

If you do, check your emails. Google and HTC have decided to increase your free google drive storage. Even if you have already redeemed the deal, they have increased your space for the rest of your 2 years of free Drive space. Please note that after your 2 years is over, you can still access your data, but won’t be able to add anything more to your Drive until you pay for more space.

Its always great to see Google work with HTC and others to offer these kind of deals, It helps us out for more Drive space and helps Google by pushing the platform. Let us know what you think in the comments, What do you think of Google offering free Drive space?

source: google

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