Nexus 9 (HTC Volantis/Flounder) Keyboard and Smart Cover leak

The upcoming Nexus 9, or HTC Volantis, or simply Flounder as it’s known internally at Google, is expected to be the next tablet offering from Google. There have been enough substantial reliable leaks to correctly assume Google has a tablet in the pipeline.

However, recent information has been brought forward which shows that the Nexus 9 will have a range of official accessories, some of which we have never seen available on a Nexus device.

These accessories appear to be a cover which can be compared to Apple’s Smart Cover offering, as well as a snap on keyboard case.


The keyboard is expected to use Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with the tablet, initiating the process using NFC. The keyboard is also likely to have a 450mAh battery on board which will be used to power the keyboard; it’s not likely that it could be used for two-way charging.

Needless to say that if these leaks are true, these are some pretty cool accessories for the upcoming Nexus 9.

What are your thoughts?