Montblanc and Samsung partner to offer premium accessories

Special Montblanc Ink unlock screen wallpaper

If Samsung’s stylus just isn’t good enough for you, you’re in luck. Montblanc has partnered with Samsung to bring “fine writing” to the Galaxy Note 4. The first stylus from Montblanc is the E-Starwalker which is similar in design to the Starwalker pen. This stylus will be priced at $525USD and will also have the ability to swap the stylus tip for a Fineliner ink cartridge for a true Montblanc writing experience on paper.

The second stylus, Pix, is the cheaper of the two at $325USD and this will also come with a rollerball exchange cartridge. Both styluses are fully compatible with all Galaxy note devices.

In addition to the two writing devices from Montblanc, they have also created two cases to protect the Note 4. The cases will also come with a chip which will give users access to exclusive Montblanc content, including an ink-inspired 3D unlocking effect. A special edition S Note will arrive with the cases where users will be able to swap five different screenwriter nibs to help personalize your handwriting. Both cases are made of fine leather and will cost $245USD.


Extreme Case


Source – Montblanc