T-Mobile Trio AXS 3G Tablet (CooLoserTech) Video Review

In the market for a 4G connected Android tablet? Is T-Mobile one of the wireless providers on your radar? Perhaps you’ll be interested in checking out the Trio AXS 3G tablet. We’ve recently started working with Alberto from CooLoserTech, a popular Android review YouTube channel, on a series of reviews. Below you’ll find a great hands-on look at the entry-level Trio AXS 3G Tablet. Available from Walmart Mobile Center, this may or may not be the next tablet for you.

  • Ivan Aurelius

    I am considering purchasing two of these tablets (for relatives). The T-Mobile interaction was interesting. Thank you.

    • steph569

      I will say its one of the best cust support I have ever dealt with

  • jerry adkins
  • Vicky Hdz.

    I get this tablet just a week ago,and everything was ok. But then a couple days ago when i try to open the settings, e-mail,or Google play store, it say that my tablet is in Demo, because of this app Trio Watchdog. So now i can’t change anything, cause basically it doesn’t let me. I ready contact [email protected]
    But nothing yet. I just really hope they could help.

  • cathy

    Mine was working fine now I can’t get it to turn on and it is fully charged, and it won’t even come on plugged in

    • tina

      did you get this fixed? Mine just did that today. It won’t turn on and when I put it on the charger it does not show that it is charging.

      • Denise

        Mine won’t turn on either…please help!!

      • Sm Young

        i can’t get any answer to this problem.. mine won’t turn on or charge either and that’s with using the reset button on the back

  • Vicki

    Where can you get a trio tablet fixed? It won’t charge!

  • Katherine

    I’ve had one since spring 2014, it occasionally freezes and won’t turn on or wake up when I hit the power button – there is a small reset hole, use a paperclip, just below the audio jack – press it and then turn on and it restarts. I’ve also found the USB power outlet is a little loose, need to get it set and then set it down where it won’t be jiggled.
    the bigger problem is the memory configuration, it has a partition that puts most apps in the system storage and fills up fast, then there is all this unused space in the ‘user storage’ and SD card that doesn’t seem well integrated…

    • Val

      Thanks so much to Katherine! I was all ready to return my brand new Trio tablet for what I thought was a major glitch in it. I planned to ask for my money back, as I didn’t want another unit where the power would go off and stay off. Then I read your post, tried it, and was extremely happy that the unit turned on and is right back to normal! I like this little tablet, and am glad that I am keeping it!

  • 1000james

    Thank you for the small reset hold, on the Trio Axs

  • princess

    Had the same problem its good that all I had to do is push the reset button

  • Janice Geidel

    Hi my autistic son threw his Trio Axs and now when we turn it on I get the message (this is a demo tablet) You do not have access and it will now close) we got this at Christmas from QVC and it has worked fine. Can anyone help me please?

  • MH

    I bought 2 for grandkids for Xmass 2014 from Wally world, its a great tablet. The tech support is the best I’ve ever used . For those of you having issues you can try and do a Soft reboot, I don’t remember how right now but Google for soft reboot see if the info is out there .I was looking to root the tablets so I could put New O/S Lollipop on it from CYOGENMOD THEY HAVE A GREAT PORT OF THE o/S for older products that are not supported anymore. I have it running on my samsung s3 and they stopped upgrading it a gear ago it only had KitKat 4.4.2 but now has 5.1.1 lollipop . ANYWAY, YOULL have to use power and volume buttons to reboot. If that doesn’t work Call tech support these people. Are very helpful.

  • Lucille

    My setting is not working. I need to contact tech support

  • Terri

    I have a trio tablet and hhave hit the reset button with apaperclip and held in charger and it will not come on can anyone hekp me