Moto Nexus 6 leaks with slew of details

Moto Nexus 6
Render by Android Police of Nexus 6

A few days ago we reported about some details of the upcoming Motorola Nexus 6 from 9to5Google. This morning we reported on a leaked picture of the Nexus 6 next to a LG G3. Now, we have details confirming some of the specs we had before, while also learning some new ones from Android Police.

Android Police says they can confirm that the next device from Google will be a 5.9″ screen device called the Nexus 6. It will have a 3,200 mAh battery, with a QHD screen bringing a whopping 496 ppi, a 13 MP camera with OIS and the dual-flash ring that’s on the new Moto X, and a 2 MP camera on the front, as we reported before.

What’s new, however, is confirmation of a few things. It will indeed be a larger Moto X (2014) confirming the leaked photo from this morning. It will have an aluminum frame as well, and will have the new Moto X’s fast charging capabilities (15 minutes of charging gives 8 hours battery life). Also, it will have front facing stereo speakers. The version of Android will be 5.0 (if there was still any doubt), and it seems there will be some refreshed icons, along with a different messaging app icon (different from hangouts?), and new Wi-Fi, battery, and signal icons at the top that are now solid rather than with breaks.

They give this rumor a 9/10, which is solid for a rumor from Android Police. Along with these details, they can’t necessarily confirm the existence of another, smaller Nexus device.

What do you think? Sound like some great specs, or still too large to even consider?

via Android Police

  • ggfb20

    Nobody has confirmed the processor, why can’t it be the Exynos 5433? It’s a 64-bit phone processor that now supports all bands of wideband lte around the world and outperforms the snapdragon 805…. Samsung and Google have the patent agreement in place, Motorola and Google have the patent agreement in place, what’s the hold up if any?

    • Probably because Samsung can choose who they supply to, and those chips may be in a more limited production – hence why there’s multiple versions of the Note 4 and Note Edge (805 and 5433). I also think Cortex A57 might be a reason why it’s limited. All other manufacturers are focusing on the lower power A53 based chips to get ARM 64-bit chips out the door. A57 may not be fully ready, but Samsung got a jump on it.

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  • Chria

    Just as big as a note 4 without a stylus, productive software, sorry but I will keep my nexus 5

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