Nexus Player is shipping in 3-4 weeks

The Nexus Player hasn’t had the best of launches so far: first it was delayed by the FCC approval, and now pre-orders have opened up, the shipping is already slipping.

It’s not clear as to if the 3-4 weeks shipping time is due to stock restraints, or if that’s the intended lead-time it takes to ship the Nexus Player, but I would put money on it being stock issues.

But let us know in the comments below – did you order the Nexus Player, and if so did it show anything other than a 3-4 week shipping time?

  • ‘journalism’

    Deleting comments as per usual, really highlighting the quality of ‘journalism’ on here.

    It’s up for preorder, the November 3rd release date is well documented and hasn’t changed.

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