Home Monitoring Camera – SpotCam goes Android!


If you are a rich guy/gal, and store millions of bucks in your home (Which is probably not the right thing to do), then you obviously should be concerned about your security. The same goes for anyone who has kids to watch over while he/she is away. Or, maybe you just want to watch-out for a local thugs or delivery driver. To do so you might want to get a gizmo that can video monitor your desired view in real-time and send it live to your smartphone.

Gone are those days when this level of security was just a dream because the dream has just become true. Coming on to the subject i.e. SpotCam, it’s a Video Monitoring app which works with company’s specially designed security cameras also called SpotCam.



SpotCam is newcomer and offers competition to the already established cameras in this niche – DropCam and Simplicam. It is one of the Wi-Fi security cameras that you come across every once in a while but it has some new perks that others don’t.

Like a typical Wi-Fi security camera, it offers live transmission of a wide-angle 720p video feed anywhere you have internet access be it on your smartphone, PC or tablet and that too through a bank-level SSL encryption. It is easy to setup and provides Nightvision which can be helpful in theft investigations.

You are also notified of active motion or audio event via email or mobile app. With SpotCam app you can listen to and speak to with someone near the SpotCam thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker. It can be scheduled to turn on/off on a weekly basis. What sets this apart from the likes of other security cameras is the ability to share SpotCam videos with people or public on the air. You can watch some people’s public feed here: SpotCam On-Air.

Moving on to the paid subscriptions that it has to offer, SpotCam generally allows you free storage of 1 Day video feed so you can scroll entire day’s time-window to check for misconduct. But if you want even more flexibility on recording your videos, you might want to hit on their subscriptions which starts from as low as $3.95/month.

Even without a paid subscription, SpotCam does most of the things free for you that other charge for. It’s a great security camera with cross-platform viewing. If you have something you care for and want to keep an eye on, this is definitely worth looking into.

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  • LibertyGuy62

    SpotCam On-Air won’t Show videos on any of the three browsers I have installed on my Galaxy Note 4. It demands Flash Player.

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  • iWatchLife

    There are a lot of great up and coming products like this one in the DIY home surveillance market, but what I always look to see is, do they just use basic motion detection? If so, you can get flooded with alerts about meaningless background activity, which of course means you’ll eventually just turn off the alerts.

    The company I work for has developed smart technology that filters out the unimportant activity so that you are only notified when something happens that you’re actually interested in (www.iwatchlife.com). See here for the problems of basic motion detection: http://www.iwatchlife.com/how-do-i-make-motion-detection-work-for-me/