Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drop test shows unexpected results

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might be the most beautiful Samsung device to date with its beautiful edges and glass front and back, but the question is: Is it also the strongest Samsung device as well? The answer would be no. TechRax, a Youtube channel famous for testing devices, he did a little ‘Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge drop test’, and the end result was not that pretty. See it yourself in the video below:

As both front and back panel are Gorilla Glass 4, I was expecting they will endure the impact, but turns out that a 5 feet drop will most probably smash your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. So if you are planning to grab Galaxy S6 Edge, make sure you also buy a strong body case as well. Of course it will decrease the beauty of the smartphone, but taking a risk and going without a case will cost you more.

Were you expecting the same results? Let us know in the comment box below.

Source: TechRax

  • gadgetgeek

    Gorilla Glass is still glass when you drop it

    • Asad Rafi

      Of course it is, but they sell it as it is something rock solid

  • yoshi

    So the s6 was advertised as having glass as strong as rock? I missed that part. I found more test done on youtube. More than one source for info. Seems your story is incorrect. A little research will easily show that.