Cyanogen OS 12 update rolling out for the OnePlus One

Despite all of the drama around these two companies, Cyanogen Inc. finally has released Cyanogen OS 12 (not to be confused with CyanogenMod) for the OnePlus One.

If you had been waiting patiently on the Kitkat based ROM, you can now update your OnePlus One to Cyanogen’s latest Lollipop based ROM! No more need to use unofficial builds, you can get the official Cyanogen OS build from Cyanogen.

There isn’t much to note here. Cyanogen has packaged a new email service powered by Boxer with many features for your pleasure along with a new theme engine app that will allow you to apply themes to each individual app.

  • Derp Derpington

    The Cyanogen executives’ proclivities to spit in the face of Google and Android is more than enough for me to boycott their half-baked garbage. Fuck CM, right in their earballs with a sledgehammer.